Setting up a Facebook ad campaign is fairly easy if you know what to do. In this article we’ll show you how to set up an effective Facebook campaign for your SplitMetrics experiment from scratch.

Please follow our step-by-step setup guide.

  1. So your first step is to log into your Ads Manager and click on Create.

2. If you want to track the efficiency of Facebook Ads campaigns you need to choose Conversions as the objective for your campaign and use Facebook Pixel for conversion tracking and optimization.

3. Scroll down and give your campaign a name.

4. Give your Ad Set a Name.

5. Choose where you want to drive traffic to. Choose website. (Experimental pages are Landing pages=websites). Select a Pixel and Conversion Event - Complete Registration

6. Select your target audience. Pay attention to location, age, gender, and languages. Avoid creating too wide audience, this may have a bad effect on conversion rate. It is better to narrow the audience down by specifying interests. But be careful and do not reduce your potential reach too much.

7. You can also use detailed targeting and define your audience by including or excluding demographics, interests, and behaviors.

8. If you need, you can also create your own audience (Custom Audience or Lookalike Audience).

9. Define your placement. Please remove all placements except Facebook (Feeds). You can also try to place your Ads in Messenger and on Instagram (Feed, Stories). Also, you need to select a targeted mobile device (e.g. iPhones ONLY, if the experiment is for iPhones).

10. Choose device types, platforms, specific mobile devices & operating systems. Make sure that the device type in your campaign matches with the device in your experiment. If your experiment is for iPhone, then choose only iPhones but not iPads, Android phones & tablets, because we’ll filter them out of the analytics and redirect them to the real store. Please select versions of Android starting with 4.4., and iOS starting with iOS 7.0, because older devices tend to get dropped (leave the page without waiting till the full load).

Please note that for the sake of experiment clarity and trustworthiness, it’s necessary to test pages on either iOS or Android users (depending on the experiment type). Otherwise, SplitMetrics A/B testing platform will filter users with unsuitable operating system.

11. Set your budget and schedule. Either go with a budget per day (not less than $200) or a lifetime budget. And you can also just run the ad starting today or set a start and end date.

12. Select your ad media: you can choose a single image, slideshow, or video. Please make sure your images don't contain too much text.

13. Copy the URL provided on your SplitMetrics campaign page.

14. Enter your https://*****.app/****/**** URL to promote it on Facebook. (Find the traffic link on the experiment dashboard in the Overview tab). Choose Call to Action for your Ad

15. Craft your headline and text carefully – they should engage your audience to click the ad banner.

16. Conversion Tracking: select Domain tracking in Website Events. More about Facebook Pixel you can find here.

17. Press the Publish button and you are good to go.

Now you’re all set to start optimizing your app product page and increase conversions.

Happy A/B Testing!

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