When your app or game is not live yet, it’s a perfect time to test your app store design in a pre-launch campaign. We create pages that look exactly like App Store or Google Play listings, so that you can test and optimize your icon, screenshots, and other elements of the page.

   1. Check your possible conversion rate / Validate you ideas

Create an experiment with only 1 variation to see the visitor's reaction to your app idea and track the visitor's behavior on the page with our metrics (Bounce rate, Engagement rate, Average view rate, Installs after viewing screenshots etc) to make sure that your audience would like and install the app.

OR run a Multivariate experiment to test different concepts (realistic vs. cartoonish, puzzle vs collections etc) and find the best performing one. 

   2. Icon

Designers usually will give you several ideas for the icon. Don’t guess – give them a definitive answer backed by you A/B testing data. When in doubt, do a quick search and see how others design their icons. Think what you can do to make your icon stand out among them. Try a contrasting color? Maybe add a fun graphics? Test and find out.
If your screenshots aren't ready yet, you can test small elements of your app listing on the Category page (also Search page for Google Play) and check the performance among the competitors.
     3. Title

If you already have all the other elements of the app page in check, you can test your app title. Many developers add keywords to their app title to up it in the search rankings, but when you launch a promotion campaign, your title should really “speak” to the user and in your app’s title, subtitle and description, simply and clearly convey the main idea of the app. We also recommend to avoid promoting the technology or revealing all features at once. For example, use “Try on new clothes without leaving your couch” instead of “Try on Clothes with VR”.

    4. Screenshots

If you don’t have a designer on the team, there are a few services you can use to create screenshots. DaVinci Apps or MakeScreenshots are both good options. Moreover, screenshots shuffle might lead to conversion boost - this is a very first experiment you can run without designer's help. One of your features (or one of your characters) might perform better than the others in the first position.

    5. Video preview

Test variations with and without a video preview. It may sound surprising, but video preview doesn’t always increase conversion rate. For some app categories it may work better than for others.
Don't show the same features both in your video and your screenshots; the average video view rate is 10-12s, so don't make your video too long; try different video preview posters/thumbnails - they influence the visitor's first impression and thus the number of Direct installs (no interaction with the app page).

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