The Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that helps you evaluate the efficiency of Facebook Ads campaigns. It gives you the understanding of how users interact with your ads making conversion tracking, optimization and re-marketing way easier.

If you run A/B experiments with SplitMetrics and integrate them with the Facebook Pixel, you can get even more insights into users behavior on product pages and advance the efficiency of your marketing activity.

Integrating the Facebook Pixel with SplitMetrics experiments you get:

  • better conversion rate and lower cost per install

  • better audience

  • better insights into experiments

  • refinement of pre-launch activity

How to activate Facebook Pixel integration with SplitMetrics

  1. Publish your experiment and find the "Integrations" button on your Overview tab. Facebook integration is in the drop down window

     2. Add your Facebook Pixel ID, check the box to enable the integration and then click on "Save"

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